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Pine Island - Lee, FL

Spotted sea trout can be caught using both artificial lures and live bait such as shrimp. Here are some tips on how to catch them using these methods: Using Artificial Lures: 1. Choose the right lure: Spotted sea trout can be caught using a variety of lures, but some popular options include soft plastic baits, jigs, and topwater lures. Match the color and size of your lure to the local baitfish and the water conditions. 2. Vary your retrieve: Experiment with different retrieve techniques such as slow and steady, fast and erratic, or jerking the lure to mimic a wounded baitfish. 3. Fish near structure: Spotted sea trout often hang out near structures such as oyster beds, rocks, or grassy areas. Cast your lure near these structures and retrieve it slowly to entice a bite. Using Live Shrimp: 1. Rig your bait: Use a popping cork with a small weight and a 1/0 or 2/0 circle hook to rig your live shrimp. Hook the shrimp through the tail or the head, depending on the current and the depth you are fishing. 2. Fish in the right areas: Look for areas with shallow water and grassy or rocky bottoms. Spotted sea trout like to feed in these areas during incoming or outgoing tides. 3. Use a gentle touch: When you feel a bite, resist the urge to set the hook immediately. Instead, let the fish take the bait and run with it for a few seconds before slowly reeling in the slack and gently setting the hook. Remember to check your local regulations on catch limits and size limits before fishing for spotted sea trout. Good luck!

Fishing Style

Technique: SpinCasting,Popping

Bait/Lure: Soft Plastic

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