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The Golden Spoon

Bull Bay - Charlotte, FL

Spoons can produce fish in various conditions, but it shines in some situations. Along weed lines, mangroves or similar structures should be your first targets, as this is where redfish congregate. Remember, reds travel in groups, so work an area thoroughly for consistent action. Repeated casts to the exact location or the same retrieval path will often produce multiple fish. Gold spoons are best suited for stained or dark water. The same techniques can be used with a silver spoon in cleaner water. The shape of the spoon and hook guard combine to allow the lure to bounce off obstructions like weeds, mangroves, oyster beds, or rocks where other lures might be lost. Erratic action is the key to the spoon’s success. Many anglers cast and pause, allowing the spoon to flutter. If you do not get a hit right off the bat, you have two options for the retrieve. A steady retrieve, varying speed based on conditions, will often draw fish out and even right to the boat. Others prefer to add a twitch to their retrieve, feeling the motion increases. Try or mix it up based on what the fish respond to.


Light Fishing Pressure

Water Clarity

Clear, 2-6 Feet

Fishing Style

Technique: Spin Casting

Bait/Lure: Spoon

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