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Windy Trip With James

Captiva Pass - Lee, FL

Snook, sea trout, and sheepshead are popular species that many anglers enjoy catching. Each fish offers a unique challenge and taste, making them a famous catch in many areas. Snook are prized for their fighting abilities and are often caught in saltwater environments such as bays, inlets, and nearshore waters. Sea trout are also famous in saltwater environments and are known for their versatility, as they can be caught in various conditions and settings. Sheepsheads are a famous catch for their hard fighting and delicious taste. They are commonly found in saltwater environments near structures such as rocks, jetties, and artificial reefs.


Light Fishing Pressure

Water Clarity

Cloudy, 1-2 Feet

Scenic Setting

Vegetation Growing

Fishing Style

Technique: Popping

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