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Winter Sea Trout

Cayo Costa - Lee, FL

During the winter, fishing for spotted sea trout in Cayo Costa is best done in deeper water near grass beds, sand/mud bottoms, and oyster bars. Spotted sea trout usually feed on shrimp, baitfish, and small crabs. Live bait such as finger mullet, small shrimp, and jigs can all be effective for catching winter trout. Rigging a popping cork with live bait can also provide a good option. Artificial lures such as spoons and soft plastics can also be helpful, mainly if the trout are not actively feeding. If you plan to fish offshore, paying attention to weather and sea conditions is essential, as they can change quickly in winter. It is also important to remember to observe the local and state regulations regarding fishing in Cayo Costa.


No Other Anglers

Water Clarity

Cloudy, 1-2 Feet

Scenic Setting

Vegetation Growing

Fishing Style

Technique: Popping

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