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Charlotte Harbor - Charlotte, FL

As a full-time charter fishing guide in SWFL, I understand the challenges of choosing which species to pursue when there are so many options. The three main species, redfish, snook, and trout, can be easy to get stuck on, but branching out to other game fish like Spanish mackerel, cobra, and triple tail can make for a rewarding trip. Additionally, there are many opportunities to catch sharks in the harbor, such as black tips, spinner, and bonnet heads. These species can be found in both shallow flats and deeper waters. Diversifying our target species can offer my clients a unique and exciting fishing experience. Researching the different species, their habits, and preferred habitats is important to increase your chances of success. It can also be helpful to vary your fishing techniques and equipment to target different species better. Remember, fishing is not just about catching the most fish but also enjoying the experience and the challenge of targeting different species. Exploring different game fish and expanding your fishing knowledge can provide your clients a more comprehensive and enjoyable fishing trip.


Light Fishing Pressure

Water Clarity

Clear, 2-6 Feet

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